IPSAI – Services and People

About us

Our Mission

To produce high-quality work, with artisan care, adaptability of the service and of the product, respect and consideration for the client. To manage different points of view as strategic element for action, to build up aptitude for problem solving, creativity and discipline, effective teamwork, business profitability to service the development and welfare of the group and the individual satisfaction. We are a company of professionals. This is what we want to be. These are the conditions for our own growth and for that of our travel companions with us.

Our Vision

Lean organisations and companies and lean brains to face the risks and the opportunities the future holds, having what it takes and being aware that the world has no more boundaries. That is why it is important to act ethically, not to miss the chance to create synergies, to move towards sustainability at all levels, for everybody. To gather value while giving value.

Our History

March 13th, 1991: IPSAI was born. Yes, it was. IPSAI srl is a management consulting company which has been working since the early '90s. Some of us had not been born yet and some of us were already gaining experience in the world of work! Since 2010 we have been accredited at Regione Lombardia for the supply of training services and as research centre. We are consultants, trainers and planners. We study and experiment, we look with our clients for solutions to technical and organisational problems. We take into consideration every point of view, without overlooking any. In our work, we get involved in different fields and different environments, from plants which manufacture the most traditional products of our area (metallurgy, siderurgy and mechanics in general, etc.) to those associated with them (services, trade and craft), to the institutions dedicated to services for citizens and professionals.


Ethical codes


Our services

Corporate Training

We are an accredited training company. We offer assistance and support in managing compulsory and continuing education. This service is carried out by preparing and keeping company schedules, planning and managing activities, such as the teaching of courses, whether in class or on the job. The precautionary planning, that takes the deadlines under control, allows to fix a corporate agenda and a training budget that are compatible with the production needs.

Financed Training

Assistance and management of specialised financed training with fulfillment and account of the Fondimpresa plans. The service is implemented also in combination with the previous one. Our clients can access our course catalogue, start new training plans ad hoc or other options as per their request. The activity is undertaken by our staff skilled in the field.


 Environmental Advice

We offer support for the management of environmental impacts. It is performed by our professional associates, with different skills depending on the field of intervention. We study the environmental sustainability of the industrial plants, testing the emissions to air – water – land – noise. We provide a specialist support to keep compliance on the concerning licences.

Licences and Planning

This service is carried out by our group of professionals coordinated by a project manager, who has a great aptitude for problem solving. The project manager interacts with the public administration counters for the building, the renovation and the extension of industrial sites, for production activities and expansions of the manufacturing process. We offer specialist support for licences: SCIA, AUA, AIA, CPI, acoustic zoning, emissions to atmosphere, wastewater discharge.



Management Consulting

This is the area of intervention which is primarily aimed to Corporate Sustainability. Its peculiar topics and tools are risk-assessment, polices and business process, corporate structure and lean management, efficiency of processes and people, SWOT analysis, market surveys. Every project is planned and adjusted to the actual management needs and it has specific objectives in order to get awaited results that are the outcome of a fully contextualised common plan.

Management Systems

Assistance to the creation and the maintenance of the systems: Quality UNI EN ISO 9001, Environment UNI EN ISO 14000, Safety BS OHSAS 18001. We usually assist the client in implementing the systems, in order to create an instrument panel with useful markers for the Management, in support of its strategic choices.

Work Equipment and Machineries

We give engineering support aimed at the application of the Machinery Directive to the different machining centres and product certifications. We deal with: risk-assessment and auditing RESS, technical file (CE Marking), commissioning of equipment, machineries and pressure equipment (PED), lifting systems and equipment, integrated management of maintenance.

Health and Safety

At IPSAI we have been always taking care of the protection of health and safety at work. There are many things to do in companies, therefore we provide also annual agreements and on-going assistance through the RSPP service, instituting a schedule of activities for each company and a plan of the interventions that have to be made. This service is offered to our clients in case of temporary management and to the future RSPP (HR training) as well.